Frank van Kasteren is a songwriter, theatre composer, and guitarist/singer.
In 2012, he and Tessa Douwstra (Luwten), Viktor van Woudenberg and Arjen de Bock found indie record label Silence du Monde.
Home to bands Wooden Saints, Orlando and his own band Elijah, for which he serves as composer, guitarist, and singer.
He also starts and plays in the bands Sir James and Altstad, and together with Cato van Dijck (My Baby) he recorded an EP, under the name The Whistle and the Drum.
He can also be heard on Luwten‘s debut album.

In addition, for years he is a permanent member of theatre companies Circus Treurdier and De Orde van de Dag. In 2019, he creates two shows with Laura van Dolron.

In 2018, he, Ivo Schot and Jeek te Velden start the We Are Sun City foundation, which creates theatre shows and music about the city of the future.

Starting in 2016, he begins to write songs in Dutch.
With these songs, for a year he is a member of Het Nieuwe Lied, an Amsterdam songwriters’ guild.
His mother’s death inspires him to write five EP’s; De Elias EP’s. These appear over a period of 9 months in 2019.

In 2020, Altstad’s second album, Tweede Huid, is released. Also, Kafka’s debut album will be released, a cooperation between Dafne Holtland and Frank van Kasteren.